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Welcome to Ages Bouw. An all-round contractor.
Started over 20 years ago under the name Juriaan Ages Bouwdedrijf. Mainly known in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

Our work varies from installing a dormer, for example, to a complete extension.

Or from creating extra storage space or renovating bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition, we maintain buildings for VvE’s (association of owners) and we manage homes for people who are living abroad.

That is why we have a repair team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our work starts with listening carefully to the wishes of clients. We are good at finding smart solutions. We take punctual fulfilment of agreements as a matter of course. Naturally we guarantee the quality of our work.

It is precisely this combination of characteristics that make clients pleased to choose Ages Bouw.

What is your interest?

Create space by moving walls

Matching the colours well gives peace of mind and space

Thoughtful choice of materials

Craftmanship and an eye for detail.
From the outset, Ages Bouw has been committed to renovating homes in the region of Amsterdam. Creating space is a specialisation that has made a name for itself. By dividing living space differently, we create a living space for our clients that suits them better. This requires spatial insight, creativity, and knowledge of materials. But mainly empathy. A few examples:

An extension
Building a house extension is the most rigorous space-creating intervention. It could be an extension, a floor above, a dormer window or the deepening of the basement to create extra living space. This has been our main work for 20 years. Often these are renovations that require a lot of technical knowledge. But also, about a sense of aesthetics. After all, the extension must match the style of the house and the impression indicate that it belongs to the original construction.

Creativity, material knowledge and spatial insight

Extra storage space
Over the years, the living space inevitably silts up. Throwing it away isn’t always easy. Our clients are often amazed at how simple interventions create a sea of extra storage space. And the smaller the house, the greater the challenge.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets.
In many Dutch homes, the kitchens and bathrooms are cramped. Whoever buys a house now almost always wants a new kitchen and/or bathroom. Designing a nice bathroom is an art in itself. That also applies to kitchens. The design and colour scheme are of great importance. But the aesthetics should not be at the expense of a practical layout, being able to clean properly and perform repairs. Particular attention should be paid to the fragility of many materials. Materials that look nice in the showroom but are not actually suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

A 24/7 handyman who is at home in all markets

The 24/7 handyman.
Find me. A repairer who is at home in all markets.
A power failure, a leak, the central heating that fails, a front door that won’t open, a burglary. These kinds of things often happen outside office hours or on weekends. Ages Bouw is ready and will assist you quickly and professionally. We always find a solution.

For VvE’s and Building Managers.
In addition to maintaining apartment buildings on behalf of VvE’s, Ages Bouw carries out most varied repairs. It is essential that our repairer knows the building like the back of his hand. It must therefore always be the same, who is quickly on site. It is especially important in the case of leakages and short circuits to intervene immediately.
And, in the event of an emergency, you know exactly where the taps and switches are. For residents of such buildings, it is also nice that there is a trusted person who is also available during the weekend or arrives quickly in the evening. Because Amsterdam and Amstelveen are our field of activity, we do not charge call-out costs.

Trouble shooter for expat houses

Ages Bouw has been available for expats for years. A special target group. Approximately 200.000 expats work in the Netherlands, 65% of which work in Amsterdam and especially live in Amstelveen.

Landlords of houses in which expats live know better than anyone else how important service is. Expats pay for that. Usually, expats don’t speak a word of Dutch and their English is not sufficient to explain over the phone what the problem is.

They do expect a fast service, broad technical knowledge, flexibility, and good quality manners. That is why Ages Bouw for many managers and companies is an ideal trouble shooter.

Both buildings and homes, we take care of with love

Good maintenance pays off.
Regular maintenance of your building or home keeps its value. It also prevents that you are unexpectedly confronted with problems, which always arise at an inopportune moment. Ages Bouw maintains your property with passion.

Ages Bouw maintains their apartment buildings in the Amsterdam region for VvE’s. We know them from inside and out. If there is a malfunction, we know exactly where to go.

We also coordinate and monitor the work performed by other parties, with whom the VvE has a contract. For one-off major maintenance, we take the responsibility on us. For example, the renewal of downpipes, major painting, replacements of lifts or the central heating system. For these types of projects, we report to the board of the VvE and to the manager. The main thing here is that no mistakes are made. That the budget is not exceeded. That the plan is met. And, that the nuisance for the residents to minimum.

A tenant expects more and more service from the owner

Individuals can also count on us.
In the Amsterdam region, many private individuals own a home that they rent out – preferably to expats. Indeed, this is an excellent investment. But, because the rents have risen enormously, tenants are becoming more demanding.

Ages Bouw maintains several hundred private homes. In this way they retain their value and at the same time it is checked whether the tenants adhere to the agreements. Many homeowners live abroad. Then it is extra important that the property is appropriately taken care of. That it will not be worn out.

This is how we are organized


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